Kate Walton Racing

Welcome to Kate Walton Racing

She took out her licence seven years ago and started with 4 horses. Since then, numbers have increased as you will see when you visit the yard.

The yard is extremely well situated in a tranquil environment on the outskirts of Middleham and is adjacent to the gallops which are accessed via a private track. The yard boasts 60 acres of turn out paddocks providing the ideal setting to revitalize and sweeten up horses.

Although predominantly known for National Hunt horses, Kate does have a dual-purpose training license and has had a winner at York and various other flat tracks in the North.

One of Kate Walton Racing's biggest assets is her team of staff. Kate has built up a team which have a great depth of knowledge and understanding of the horses and racing.

Kate Walton Racing has a group of owners who are always welcome at the yard and are much appreciated by Kate and her staff.

Owners are encouraged to be involved as much as they wish to be and a friendly welcome to the yard is guaranteed, making owning a racehorse even more enjoyable!

The team

Hannah Wragg & Rebecca Howell

Hannah has been at Kate Walton Racing for 2 years and has ridden a winner for Kate on the flat at Redcar. She is responsible for the care of Nevertika and Huka Lodger.

Rebecca has a great depth and understanding of every horse at the yard. She developed this skill working for the late Dan Enrico, whom she worked for, for 10 years before joining Kate 2 years ago. She is a great asset to the yard and is responsible for the day to day running of the yard when Kate is away.

Kate Walton

Kate has been involved in racing all her life and is the daughter of one of Middleham's most successful trainers Sam Hall. She successfully rode as a lady amateur, winning the ladies Derby on Voucher Book. Whilst raising a young family she successfully ran a livery yard and trained her own horses before deciding to continue the family tradition and obtain a licence to train both Flat and National Hunt Racehorses. Since taking out her trainers licence in 2001 the number of winners and amount of prize money has increased every year. With her background she certainly has the knowledge and scope to benefit both horses and owners. She is always available to help and advise. Visitors are always most welcome to view the horses.

Watch live horse racing

Horse racing is a performance sport involving two or more riders, called jockeys, riding horses over a set distance. It is a pure competition. Horse racing is one of the most ancient of all sports and its basic premise, which is to identify which horse is the fastest, is unchanged since the earliest times. Many horses of pure breeds are often being trained to be sold or used in horse races. The prices of good racing horses can go up to a few million dollars. The highest price spent on an auction for a Thoroughbred was set at $16,000,000 in the year 2006 for The Green Monkey, a two-year-old colt. That equals almost $19,000,000 today. But the numbers get even higher. The gambling aspect of this industry was reported to be worth around $115 billion in 2008.

Its long history is the reason why people still keep betting and watching this sport. Today it is possible to watch live horse races not only live and on TV, but also on the internet. Websites like sportinglife.com upload results pretty fast. So that the ones who enjoy the gambling aspect more than the sport itself use this kind of sources to check if they have won or lost. Everyone who visited these sites can see that from time to time ads will pop-up. Some of them are rated R, and some of them feature a live sex chat, so don't get caught up into the chatting and pay attention to the results.

My friend's experience

"A few weeks ago, I think my friends made me do it, I went to a hippodrome to watch a horse race. I have never watched anything like this before. I am not much of a gambler and I have always asked myself why people enjoy that much watching other people ride fast horses. That is when I got the answer. The crowd was amazing. People were screaming, laughing, crying and everything. You could literally feel the energy in the air floating around. After half an hour I turned to my friend that was on my right side and said I wanted to put 50 bucks on number 9 in the next tour. He looked at me wondering and smiling and said it was a bad one. But I did it. Soon I became a part of the screaming crowd, cheering my horse, my lucky number 9. The old woman in front of me turned at one point to me and asked me how much did I put on the horse, and said that she was betting on the same horse. I said 50, and she said she put only 20. After a few seconds the race started and the number 9 won. I could not believe my eyes! It was amazing. At one point the lady turned to me again and kissed me on my cheek. My friends could not stop laughing for the next two hours because of that. But it was worth it. Later I found out that us two were the only ones betting on the number 9. You know what that means."

Alan Horrocks

Alan is responsible for the all the yard duties and we would be lost without him. Alan has worked in racing all his life and was a very successful jockey. More recently his son Nathan Horrocks has had success in National Hunt Races.